Why should we write a meeting minute?

meeting minutes

Meetings become increasingly inevitable at work. They are considered as a means of communication and collaboration, that are necessary to move projects forward, get participants to speak and make decisions.

At the end of each meeting, it is advisable to send a report to all concerned persons, including those who couldn’t join.

To send a report, it would have to be written first, but many people may consider this task as a time consumer, so they may resist doing it and wondering what the interest of writing meeting minutes.

What is the use of writing meeting reports?

There are many good reasons to write meeting minutes. Here are just a few:

A report serves as a reference. We can refer to it to refresh our memory of what had been decided during the meeting.

How to write a good report?

A good report must be synthetic, clear and structured.

It must objectively and faithfully transcribe the course of the meeting, while highlighting the essential elements such as the priority actions that were identified and the different decisions that were taken during the session.

For this, it is advisable to:


In conclusion, you now know the usefulness of writing a report. You can therefore prepare your minutes frame for your next meetings.

Article written by Sara MOUDRIK HORN

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