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Welcome to LUCKiwi, the software designed to help teams and organizations optimize their project management processes, collaborate effectively and successfully achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on offering flexible, customizable software that can adapt to the specific needs of your business.

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President of LUCKiwi

sara moudrik horn

LUCKiwiis the result of a long professional experience of my partner Ferdinand and myself in the field of project management

Since 2015, I have advised and supported several organizations (businesses and public service) in the management of their projects and the production of their products

This experience allowed me to use several software programs project management and to identify each time their strengths and weaknesses. This analysis helped us a lot to develop LUCKiwi, a software whose goal is to make it as simple and complete as possible.

Our targeted approach allows us to make a place for LUCKiwi in the project management

LUCKiwi is above all a family story, know-how and team spirit whose challenges revolve around the satisfaction of our users and the development and continuous learning of our team.

Our history

little flashback


our mission

At LUCKiwi, we are driven by a clear mission: to facilitate project management and enable our clients to successfully complete their projects. We firmly believe that effective project management is the fundamental pillar for achieving goals, meeting deadlines and maximizing productivity.

Our first mission is to provide a powerful and intuitive tool that allows our users to simplify their project management processes. We understand the complexities that project teams face, whether planning tasks, allocating resources, managing budgets or coordinating team members. Our software is designed to address these challenges by offering a user-friendly interface and advanced features that promote collaboration and transparency.

Then, we are committed to offering a flexible and scalable solution that adapts to the specific needs of each company and each project. Each team has their own working methods and preferences, which is why we designed our software to be customizable and configurable.



We communicate clearly and concisely about important decisions, policies, objectives and results. We ensure that information is accessible to all team members.


We are centered on people and highlight the importance of their rights and their well-being. We also ensure the development of a respectful, inclusive and fulfilling professional and personal work environment.


We encourage knowledge sharing, open communication and cooperation between teams. It is recognized that the strength of an organization lies in the synergy of its members working together towards a common goal.


why luckiwi ?

When it comes to choosing project management software, Luckiwi stands out as a reliable and efficient option.

First of all, LUCKiwi is a play on words made up of LUCK and Kiwi. To succeed in a project, all you need is a little luck (LUCK in English), and a lot of energy and motivation, which the Kiwi could provide us with thanks to its richness in vitamin C.

LUCKiwi presents itself as project management software with an intuitive, complete and customizable interface, offering essential features to successfully complete your projects. With its collaboration, monitoring and customization capabilities, it allows you to improve the efficiency, communication and performance of your team, thus contributing to the success of your projects.


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