KANBAN: The Ideal Tool for Managing Your Projects with Flexibility and Fluidity

Use LUCKiwi's Kanban board to better visualize task progress, keep your team focused, boost productivity, and promote agility in project management.

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What is the Kanban Method?

The Kanban method enables more agile work organization and rapid flow management. With its 'just-in-time' operation, teams can easily manage and track task progress. They can also quickly distribute the workload among themselves.

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The History of the Kanban Method

Kanban is a method originating from Japan. The word Kanban can be translated as 'visual' (kan) and 'card' or 'label' (ban). This methodology was established starting in 1950 by engineer Taiichi Ono at TOYOTA with the aim of optimizing Toyota's production. Kanban comes from the Leanapproach, which translates to continuous improvement of production processes to achieve waste-free production. This means avoiding overproduction, reducing lead times, producing with better quality, and achieving production-demand balance.

How Does the Kanban Method Work?

You can create Kanban boards on paper, a whiteboard, or online tools like ours: LUCKiwi.

With LUCKiwi, you can have a visual management system for your tasks that's quick and instant.

You can define your tasks and classify them into columns corresponding to your work stages. For example:

  • Tasks to do.

  • Tasks in progress.

  • Tasks completed.

  • Tasks on hold.

  • Cancelled tasks.

With LUCKiwi, applying the Kanban method becomes so easy! LUCKiwi allows you to visualize your board, track your project's workflow from A to Z, and get an instant overview of your task progress in a smooth and dynamic manner.

Furthermore, LUCKiwi enables you to view your tasks based on criteria other than status, such as urgency and priority.

The Principles of the Kanban Method

The Kanban method streamlines work and production processes. To adopt it, it is advisable to:

  • Use existing processes and improve them if necessary.

  • Involve all relevant individuals in creating the kanban and make them aware of its added value.

  • Support changes and listen to impacted individuals.

  • Encourage both individual and group initiatives for a smoother and improved workflow management.

The Difference Between Kanban and Scrum

Agile is a project management model known for its flexibility. It allows teams to easily adapt to changes.

There are several agile methods, two of which are widely used in companies: Scrum and Kanban.

So, how does the Kanban method differ from Scrum?

Kanban allows you to visualize workflow, limit work-in-progress tasks, improve work processes, and maximize team efficiency, allowing them to track work progress without the need for meetings. On the other hand, Scrum is typically implemented for faster work on short development cycles (1 to 4 weeks) where tasks must be completed by the end of the cycle.

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Why is LUCKiwi the Best Solution for Creating Your Kanban in 2023?

What is LUCKiwi?

LUCKiwi is a digital project management solution. It allows you to:

  • Manage your projects in a simple and effective manner. Say goodbye to project management headaches. With LUCKiwi, you can smoothly oversee your projects and instantly monitor task progress.

  • Have multiple all-in-one tools. No more juggling between multiple windows and software. Our software provides multiple project management tools: To-Do List, Kanban, Gantt chart, dashboard, project breakdown structure (PBS), action tracking, and report tracking, etc.

  • Stay up to date on project progress. Get all project progress updates through our synchronized tools.

  • Create an unlimited number of projects/unlimited number of work items. Unlike other platforms with limitations, LUCKiwi allows you to create as many projects and work items as you want, whether in a free trial or subscription.

  • Facilitate communication. Our software enables your teams to access key project information in one place (shared files, access to human and financial resources), helping them stay informed about their work progress and avoiding time-wasting meetings and emails.

  • Enhance collaboration among your teams. Thanks to the clarity of our tools and their adaptability to your needs, your teams can easily collaborate with each other.

Why Choose LUCKiwi's Kanban?

LUCKiwi's Kanban allows you to:

  • Track workflow. Stay informed about project and task progress in real-time.

  • Visualize relevant information. LUCKiwi not only helps you visualize task names on your label but also all other relevant information you've added, such as the task's responsible person, its due date, and more.

  • Provide a precise and instant overview of shared files. LUCKiwi helps you share files with your team on the Kanban board and provides information about the number of shared files. This means you don't have to open each task to get this information as a user.

  • Create and customize multiple boards. LUCKiwi lets you create as many Kanban boards as you like, allowing you to base your progress tracking on criteria other than status. You can easily view your workflows and switch from one board to another with agility.

  • Simplify label status management and tracking. LUCKiwi's Kanban allows you to quickly change the status of your cards by simply dragging and dropping them into the appropriate status column.

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